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Making a new blog

2019-11-11 20:34:44, Worked for 5 hours.
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Starting off I came up with a concept for how the new and improved Exedump should look.
I figured it should be pretty clean and such.

So I hopped into Photoshop and made a quick sketch of how it should look, and got to cracking.

This time I decided that I should make use of Bootstrap 4, because it's pretty nice not having to write 400 lines of CSS for a small project.

So the very first thing I did was include Bootstrap.min in the header, and in the body a simple div with the class "container".

In the container I made the two rows that I needed, the Sidebar and the Main content pane.
It's enough to start.

I didn't want the Sidebar to take up much space on the page, so it was made a col-sm-2 i.e. Column Small with a size 2 out of 12.
To fill up the rest of the page i made the Main content pane have col-sm-10, now it covered the entire page.

The Main content in context of the blog should have all of the posts.
So I created a post formatting div.

h3 Article Title
h5 Publishing Date:
img Thumbnail
p Post Content
a Github Commit
a Comment

div class="admin-tools"
h5 Admin Tools
a Edit Post
a Delete Post

It should be good enough I think.

Next I started to work on the Navigation bar, I straight up ripped it from the W3Schools page on the Boostrap 4 Navbar.

I took the version that collapses when the screen gets smaller, and slapped the website logo on top of it.

Now it was just hours of dreadful CSS customization to make it all look good, and to be honest I may have stole some inspiration from my favorite website on the world wide web, MUME.ORG it's a plain old website about a text based game made back in 1991, still sort of active to this day.

At least the discord is -ish.

So now after some fun messing about I had a website I actually really liked, so I turned it in to one of my HTTL template pages.

You might think HTTL, you didn't make that.
You're right, but I didn't actually know there was something named HTTL when I started on my Hyper Text Template Language, but I found out later there was something called that after I finished my own one.

It works great btw.

So now I had a template for how all the pages on my website would look, now I just gotta recreate all the functionality the old page had.

Oh and I'm adding functionality for pages, so that I don't load every blog post in a single page, because that would blow for my server.

I'll post again when I'm done ;)

Github Commit

Patching up the site.

2019-09-12 00:36:57, Worked for 5 hours.
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Added some more admin controls, can now edit and delete posts directly from the main page.

The navigation bar now changes depending on if you are logged in, and if you are logged in as an administrator it will give you access to all the admin control things.

The delete function ain't pretty. But it kind of works.

So much work went into this.
If you have time, listen to this masterpiece.

Github Commit

Finishing up the blog.

2019-09-12 00:36:48
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I started working on this blog last thursday (2019-09-05).
Now, 4 days later, it's pretty much operational.
And by that I mean that whatever I hacked together actually kind of works and shows you this message I'm writing now, but damn it's hacky, I really need to fix that.

No worries though, it's something to work on later, but for now I will start working on the project this blog actually was meant for.

The Unity game 'Grapple Guy'.
It'll be epic, I'll show you later.