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2019-12-13 23:53:14, Worked for 3 hours.

Presentations sucks.
We all know it.

Just before I was about to do a presentation I had a fun little idea.

It's a physics based presentation "engine", based on SFML.
So that you'd have two screens.
#1 has a map and all of the slides on it.
#2 is a viewport into #1.

So that the slides that are to be presented are just simply dragged and dropped from the map into the viewport.

So that way we could have a small player on the screen allowing you to jump about on the level, which is the presentation.

This way we could have fun little triggers that does something in the slide, such as bring out more text, shoot a cannon, draw some math on the screen.
Who knows?

Anyways, just a small little novel idea I had, could be fun.
I started working on it for a bit, and think I solved the problem of sharing resources between the two windows, on different threads.

We'll see what happens, maybe it actually becomes something out of it.
I might keep me posted, because I'm literally the only one who's ever here, because it's my own site ;)