Message 1442 : A Clieric / Mage Guide - By Locram (Locram)
Written on Fri Dec 12 15:15:39 2008

[Very minor corrections by Andróg.]


This guide was written 12th of december 2008!
If at the time of reading this log is more than a year old you might want to check if the information provided is still up to date, you can do this by asking for a cleric or mage on narrates.

At the time of writing i am a level 46 cleric and have been playing on and off for at least 6 real life years.

Starting a cleric you'll want to know a couple of things:

1: What is best, cleric or mage?

2: What stats should i have?

3: How should i prac my character?

4: How do i level my caster?

5: What equipment is good?

1: You don't have to decide. If you make a char with the stats that i suggest, you can choose to reprac it at any given time, it takes about 3 days to decay all spells, so you can experiment with spells alot until you find a combination that works good for you.

In general clerics are better for groups, since they've got blindness and sanctuary, clerics however have a hard time soling since they don't get very fast spells, and you cant store cleric spells.

2: max int max wis max wil, +2 str +2 per, +2 con, +1 dex.
This will get you
str 10. dex 9, per 10, con 10, int 18 wis 18 wil 18 as a man,
str 9, dex 10, per 11, con 9, int 19 wis 18 wil 17 as elf and
str 9, dex 9, per 10, con 10, int 18 wis 19 wil 18 as half elf.

Half elf is the best choice, since it has a bonus to wis (mental, will give you more max mana) and no malus to wil/con, which will lower your hp.

Arguably mages need more per than 10 (or 11 if you choose elf) for their attack spells (which all except earthquake are int/per based), but that's not really necessary since you will still do almost the same damage with 102% as 105% attack spells, but you will FAIL to cast sleep, portal, charm, and blind spells if your int/wis/wil is too low, and your sanctuary spell will suffer a lot from lowering any of these stats, so max mentals is really the only way to go in my humble opinion.

Don't worry about your low strength, as you will probably play in your third age, that's +1 str, and you will have the strength spell, which is at least +2 str, +3 or even +4 at higher level, which will land you at about 13 strength which should be enough for a pure caster character.

Don't worry about dex for fleeing, as fleeing is random and mostly depends on encumbrance (how much stuff you carry compared to your strength) Don't worry about dex for defense either, as 1 dex gives about +2 db, while the shield spell (which you will max out) will give you about +30 or more dodge at legend.

3: As previously mentioned in step 1, you can unlearn all your spells in about 3 real life days, so it's no problem if you've learned the wrong spell, or if you want to try something out. Just do train off burning hands (for example), and wait. You don't have to be online for spells to decay once you've chosen to "train off".

That being mentioned, i'd like to promote some spells that are necessary for your survival in the game.

armour: mage spell, gives your a raw armour which lowers any incoming damage by a certain percentage (visible by removing all armour eq and typing stat). Lasts a numer of hits or a given damage (higher than numer of hits) or a specific time (usually at least half an hour at legend). Max this spell out (16 pracs) and keep it on at all times.

shield: gives you a higher dodge bonus. lasts 30+ minutes at legend. Max it (16 pracs), always keep it on.

block door: Blocks most doors in the game. A blocked door can't be opened unless broken by bash or break door spell. A blocked door is a lot harder to break if the blocking caster stands in the room with the door. Also if the door is broken against the casters will, he will get the blocking mana back. No need to max this, but it's good to do so since it makes breaking from the outside harder. (11 pracs is max)

cure light/serious: 8 pracs. Cure serious gives slightly more hp per mana, but has a longer cast time.

cure critic: 4 pracs. removes wounds.

remove poison: 4 pracs. removes poison (that would otherwise kill you) for a mere 5 mana.

Breath of briskness (12-18 pracs) Gives moves to the whole group, and an increased movereg for a given time. Initial moves are split between the group, but the movereg bonus is equal regardless of group size.

shroud: 1-2 pracs. Gives you basic invisibility vs low level mobs.

bless: 1-2 pracs. Gives you +5 ob on agg, +3 pb and +2 ob on wimpy.

Strength: 8-18 pracs. Gives you +2 str at 8 pracs, +3 at 18 pracs if you cast thorough and play mostly cleric.

These are your base spells, don't play a character without them. The rest is up to you! However, if you play a cleric you will want to get: sanctuary (25), blindness(18), break door(10), word of recall(8+), and dispel evil(18).

If you play mage you will probably want to get: Store, colour spray, lightning bolt, sleep, charm, maybe portal, locate life, teleport, watch room and earthquake.

4: Leveling caster is by far more difficult/demanding than leveling a warrior or scout. Until level 21 or so no one will want to group with you, since a low level caster is pretty much worthless for the group to have, but on the other hand necessary to have after level 20+.

Choosing to level as mage or cleric is the question! Clerics can level up pretty fast if you get a longbow, some arrows and a quiver and just blind/shoot. To do this you will want to prac as few mage/warrior/scout pracs as posible, since it will lower your percentage in blindness, however you can get like 2 pracs missile without it hurting your blind too much. Getting armour and other mage spells at this point isn't really worht it, since at low level your armour spell will drop after about 2 hits and it will have a poor absorb anyway. Physical (metal) armour is better for you at this low level. Just get ranger skills until level 6 or so, after that get only cleric spells until level 12-15 ish, when you can get armour. You can blind decently at level 8. Until then you can kill stuff by just shooting, fleeing and curing in between with cure light.

Leveling as mage works about the same. Magic missile is not a great damage spell, most of the time it's better to get a longbow and shoot your way to at least level 6 (again, with 0-2 pracs in missile). At 6 you can get chill touch, level 10 burning hands, level 13 lightning bolt, after you can cast bolt you can level really fast, since bolt is such a good spell compared to burning hands.

Also getting shroud at an early level (put a lot of pracs in it and decay em later) really helps you since you are practically invisible to all same level mobs, so you can go in a room with many and cast for example earthquake without getting hit first.

At level 18-20 you will want to get charm and command, regardless of how you've leveled up. Casting charm on a mob will make it follow you and do your bidding as long as you can command it (using command). Casting it on sleeping mobs helps, so grizzly bear is probably the best mob you'll be able to get at level 18. Once you can store charm (as mage) or blind and cast thorough charm (as cleric) you can charm better mobs. From this point on just grind up with charm to level 25, after that getting a group is pretty easy, so charm isn't necessary.

5: Equipment is the same for mages and clerics! Most important once you reach level 21 is the focus staff. It enables you to cast faster and cheaper. You make it by going to Valinor with a carved oak staff (that you get from handing in a perfect oak branch to the carpenter near the dwarven homes, and a blue crystal you get from willow. The staff and crystal needs to be blessed (by anyone) and the staff needs to be enchanted by you (get enchant and decay the pracs after you cast it on the staff). In the staff you can embed metal items that give the staff
+5 pb and ob, and jewels that gives attack spell, that is make you cast better. There are 2 attack jewels, opal and corberyl, 1 defense jewel, star sapphire, and 3 ob/pb items: bar of iron, chunk of metal and huge silvery bracer. Obvious choice is to get +2 attack and +5 parry. Buy an
opal (+attack) and iron bar (+pb) from vendors and embed opal/bar staff.

Mithril circlet from Moria also gives +attack, and so does the copper ring. Copper ring is considered a power ring, so you cant have that AND manaring (which gives a bonus to your regen). In general mages go for coppers and clerics go for manareg, but you can choose either or.

As for weapons your choices are limited to using low str weapons.

Some clerics carry bows since you can shoot very hard shots with embellished long bow (without missile pracced) if your target is blinded.

Shining chain is good, since it's light and gives good armour, but prioritize +attack and manareg items over it, since most of your absorb comes from magical armour and sanctuary. Don't carry heavy armour as it will cost too many moves and hamper your fleeing.

Best of luck to you!