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The target audience for this document is the "experienced" MUME player who is new to Trolls. It consists of my own observations and recommendations concerning creation and play of a MUME 7 Troll, and hopefully these players will find something useful herein.

A good place to start is the stats you choose for your Troll character, henceforth referred to as "you". Like all the other races, in MUME 7, if a Troll dumps mad points into a couple of stats, maxxing them out, the absence of points in other stats will negatively affect his performance in skills that rely on the other, lower stats. So how your stat points are distributed determines what kind of Troll you will be, that is, what abilities you will be suited to practice.

Currently in MUME 7 there are 2 types of Trolls: Tracking and Whacking. If you want to be able to track down your prey, you need to put points into Perception and Intelligence. In doing this, you sacrifice other stats--usually Strength and Constitution since Trolls have a surplus of Str and Con. If you decide that tracking isn't your bag, then just pump up those fighting stats (Str, Con, Wil, Dex).

While there are Trolls who use weapons, most of them eventually switch to a barehanded attack once their claws grow in. The unarmed skill was made for Trolls, and it is definitely the weapon of choice. As an Olog, you will do more damage with your hands than the most feared smiting weapon, and even at low levels the damage is off the scale. Trolls who choose to use weapons as Ologs suffer a significant decrease in raw killing power.

Then why would a Troll choose a weapon over the unarmed skill? One reason is for increased defense. Wearing a shield results in reduced damage-dealt for barehanded fighters, so most Trolls forego the protection a shield provides. Weapon-using Trolls, however, are free to wear shields, which of course bestow a parry bonus.

Also, obscene Strength is not needed for a Troll who uses a weapon. So he might choose a lower Strength, using those points to raise other stats, Perception, for example, so that he can track.

Once you decide what type of Troll you want to play, and assign your stats, you will want to get on with the killing. So you visit Crusher, located southwest of the Nexus. Crusher teaches combat skills, and it leads to reason that the first thing you practice to moderate levels are your combat skills. Practice unarmed/bash, concussion/parry, or some other combo to get the killing machine rolling.

You can get your first 10 levels kicking around in the zones surrounding the warrens fairly quickly. But the good exp is else- where, so once your combat skills are up to moderate levels, you can spend practices on Endurance and Wilderness, both of which will help increase your mobility. Smelly teaches these--he wanders the forest above the warrens.

There are 2 rent Trolls other than Grinder: Grandma and Angurboda. Angurboda resides at the filthy cave below the Dark Tower, and Grandma is holed up under a maze of boulders east of ABR. Both of these places can be tough for pukes to invade, making them decent spots to spend a day while travelling. Another great place to hole up for a day is under the icedoor northeast of Khuzur, and of course the caves in the Redhorn pass and Moria.

Good hunting, and stay out of the sun. - Goretongue Fungusbane

I tried to write a little guide following the layout :p . It is still needs some polishing and some info ( particularly unarmed/tracking troll section)

Introduction to trolls

What I like in troll life is simplicity . You don't need equipement , You don't need to buy/sell stuffs,because There are no shops :p . All you need is fgc and smooth boots!
Troll device : easy come , easy go , That's to say you xp fast but on the other hand you can lose all levels if by misfortune you meet sun :p

Types of trolls:

1) unarmed TRoll:

A) Pure Unarmed:

Stats :

max str / Max cons /Max dex example : Str:25 Int: 6 Wis: 6 Dex:14 Con:22 Wil:10 Per: 8.

Skills :
practice in this order : max unarmed / get about 30to 35 bash /Max wilderness and / Max endurance /

Misc :

Fgc load spots : (helps with mps)

1.At Mrak mob : from brolg / say open w s w 5s 3e ( The Cracked Plains) open canyon d open rockwall n loot skeleton :)
2. BBT : From warren towers ( west warrens) : go 3s d all w 4s 3w, s, 2e, 3s, w open tangle
3. Wooden : some east RD open door ( be aware of elven hunters)

Smooth boot load spot: ( helps with mps)
From Warrens hatch : 7s 5 w 1 s loot skeleton

Cave bear fur load spot : ( increase OB)

4 w ford / Open hilltop and kill cave bear and Butcher it

Metal wall shield : It helps with troll defence "parry", it can be helpful for buffing many mobs or fleeing from many pukes ,
Note: wielding shield decrease your unarmed skill so use it only for buffing and when you assiste remember to remove it
It loads at filthy area , Kill large troll he loads key ( Be aware don't hit large troll at rent mob room because
all mobs will be aggressive to you

basic eq
( skin / leathers ) loads N of back exit brolg or south crusher

PK :
In my opinion hit flee is the key !
switch to cave bear fur for more OB . If you are low Hp . wield metal wall shield and go on wimpy mood
If you are a group of trolls , don't hit flee , just set up a target and smash :) . Unarmed in group do awesome damage :p

B) Tracking unarmed:

Stats get about 12 perc / about 9/10 intelligence and try balance between str/conc/ and will